Personal Training

The coaching team at R A Fitness are there for one reason – that is to train, support and develop our individual members.

Our personable and approachable staff provide a learning and personal growth structure for all members who are willing to commit to the tried and tested programming. Our entire facility has been designed and built for all members and provides not only the very best in coaching but also some of the world’s very best equipment.

Personal training provides massive benefits regardless of age or current fitness levels. Whether your aim is to lose weight, lower body fat, increase muscle size or prepare for your upcoming season or race an R A Fitness trainer will get you there in record time.

At R A Fitness we undertake a number of procedures prior to starting personal training such as a Functional Movement Screen to asses movement patterns, ultrasound body composition analysis, as well a nutritional consultations and individual specific diet plans. All this is imperative in attaining RAPID results whether it is dropping body fat or increasing muscle size and shape.

What can we do for you?

Personal Training Sessions

One to one sessions to coach you in exercise choice and techniques.

Nutritional Coaching

This can range from general advice all the way to a day by day diet including a macro-nutrient breakdown for each meal, pre/post workout training and rest days.

Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning

If you are currently involved in a sport we can generate a programme that is specific to that sport to make you stronger faster and more resilient to injury.

Fitness Testing

From sub maximal testing (for people new to exercising), to VO2 max testing (for seasoned and experienced athletes) we can monitor and asses your fitness on an ongoing basis whenever you choose or periodically as part of you training programme.

Access to Gym and Classes

To help you recreate your PT sessions or continue your training with use the gym, we can also include the use of any of the classes you would like to try.

Achieve your fitness goals with a Personal training package individually designed for you.

What can we do for you?